The 5 Best Men’s High Quality Shoes for Under $ 200

Hello and Welcome to, today we are going to give you a list of the best men’s shoes on a budget.

Today we are going to talk savings, more specifically savings in your bank account and how not to go bankrupt while shopping like a Soccer mom in LA. Here at goodyear welt, we endorse you shop responsibly.

We are going to look at the 5 best shoes you can buy on a budget, but since we are dealing with Goodyear Welt shoes, we are going to have to look at the Sub-200 $ range. The reason being that it is hard to find quality footwear at a price below this price range. Don’t worry though, we will be reviewing quality products and will provide you with the insights and information you need to make the best purchase decision you can make, after all, knowledge is power.

First, we need to talk about construction methods available within this price range, generally speaking a blake or blake rapid construction is cheaper to make than a Goodyear welt due to the less labour intensive process used.

So lets dive right into it

New Republic Sonoma Chelsea Boot

This attractive Suede Chelsea boot is a great addition to your wardrobe and is something every boot lover should consider buying.

The design is nice and sleek and the suede quality is good for it’s price. This shoe is one of the most affordable pairs of shoes we endorse and is available at the low price of 128 $. New republic lists this as a flat welt construction, usually a flat welt refers to a Goodyear Welt, but I highly doubt this is a true goodyear welt, nevertheless I would bet this shoe will be far more durable than most cemented chelsea boots available on the market.

New Republic is a affordable brand created by Mark Mcnairy, Mark Mcnairy is a well known American footwear designer whose products are generally reputable as well as fashionable. I should tell you that New Republic is an online exclusive store, so they aren’t available in a store near you, the sizing of the product is generally true to size, so purchase the size you normally purchase.

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Thursday Boot Company Statesman Derby

The Thursday Boot Company Statesman is an affordable alternative to other derby shoes listed on the market, this Derby is made with a Goodyear Welt and I am a fan of the brown chrome leather and the tobacco leather.

One thing to know about Thursday Boot Company is that their quality has improved, while they were a little hit or miss in that department in the beginning, their quality is now far more consistent, and consistently good. One can expect this shoe to last a while atleast, and at this price point, there are few that are better and are Goodyear Welts.

The price is a reasonable 180 $. Word to the wise about the sizing, these generally run a size large, so buy a half size smaller than you normally would and they should fit perfectly.

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Dr Martens Archie II Smooth Leather Lace-Up Shoes

The Dr Martens Archie II Smooth Leather is one of Dr Martens new lines, it’s a classic derby and offers a new alternative to the Chunky 1461. Call me crazy but I’ve never liked the Chunky Silhouette of the 1461 and I never understood why every young person in town was wearing them.

The Archie has a much slimmer silhouette and is made using the same construction method. These are also very reasonably priced at 120 $ and are arguably the most affordable on this list. As far as sizing goes, these run true to size.

Dr Martens shoes are generally considered one of the most durable shoes on the market and they are available almost everywhere. One thing people should know though, is that because of the heat sealed welt, these are a little harder to resole, so you will need to find a cobbler who knows how to deal with Dr Martens and has experience with them. For 120$, these are worth a buy.

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Jack Erwin Jett Chelsea Boot

The Jack Erwin Chelsea Boot is among my favourite chelsea boots. I love the design and the fit of this boot.

This boot is highly versatile as it can be used casually and formally and as an everyday pair. It’s made with Jack Erwin’s Proprietary City Sole. It uses a strobel stitch construction to secure the sole to the upper, this is a technique most commonly used in athletic shoes. So these should last you a long time considering most athletic shoes are fairly durable.

So while they are not resolable, the construction technique is quite durable considering how many high quality running shoes are made using this method.

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Clarks Desert Boots

This is one of the most popular shoes on the planet and turned around the fortunes of a struggling company, they were designed for solders in the British Army serving in Egypt. Today, they are worn by everyone from a carpenter to a celebrity.

They are made with stitchdown construction, which does allow them to be resoled. They are highly versatile and can be used as an everyday shoe. These generally fit true to size.

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