Why Should you buy Goodyear Welt Shoes ? The Most Comprehensive Answer yet

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I had a reader ask me a very interesting question and that is, why should I buy expensive shoes that would require me to save up for weeks or months when I can head to the nearest mall and buy the cheapest shoe out there and use them till they wear out and then buy another one and keep repeating the cycle.

Today, I am going to give you a detailed, nuanced answer as to why you should save your money and buy well made shoes instead of buying whatever cheap product you can get your hands on.

Lets Start With the Main Considerations


This is the one of the main concerns among people who are not yet sold on the idea of Goodyear Welt Shoes. This is a very nuanced topic though.

Are Goodyear Welt Shoes more economical in the long run ? The answer is it Depends on what you buy. There is no exact answer here that is specific to all situations. Let me explain this to you with an isolated example.

Say, you buy a full priced Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue Oxfords at 395$ as your daily beater, let’s assume they do not need for it be resoled for 2-3 years and require minimal maintenance, well then you’re entire expenditure on the shoe for 5 years is say about 425 $ including polish and waterproof wax. Add another 100 $ for resoling.

Now, lets take an alternative example, you buy a cheap dress shoe for 120$ on sale, you wear it often, it doesn’t look as good as a Goodyear welt shoe but you got a deal on it, great. Ask yourself, how long would it last, because I don’t see cheap shoes last beyond 6 to 8 months time as daily beaters.

So in 3 years by the time they need to be resoled, what was the better financial decision ? 525 $ vs 600 $. Well, the Goodyear Welt wins in this case because you bought it at a price point where the economics turned out in your favor. 

Now let’s say that you have a shoe rotation, that extends the life of your cheap shoes but also the life of your Goodyear welt Shoes, lets say you have 3 shoes in your rotation, well now the Goodyear Welt’s might only need resoling every 6-8 years or even more assuming they are worn every alternate day. This is where shoe economics turns out in your favor.

The economics of the purchase depend largely on the price point at which you have purchased the product.

Many people, however, do not actually manage to save any money on Goodyear welt shoes because once they start buying nice shoes, they go on a spending spree and keep buying them till the point they have more shoes then they can possibly wear, so don’t fall into this trap.



This is the most important metric that people don’t take into account enough, the quality of the shoe and its influence on the value of the shoe.

A goodyear welt shoe is made with better quality leathers, better construction methods and more intensive finishing, this results in a quality product. I’ve said this before but whenever I go into my local department store and look at cheaper dress shoes, I always wonder “was the cow a chain smoker?”, this is because of the quality of leather used in these shoes.

This is where well made shoes set themselves apart, it looks like it’s meant to last forever, the leathers don’t crease or scuff easily and the product maintains it’s look and over time, develops a nice patina which adds to the look of the shoe whereas cheaply made shoes scuff and crease almost instantaneously, the moment you wear them, they develop creases and any accidental contact with a hard surface leads to scuffs on the upper of the shoe.

The Leather is a part of the reason why these shoes are more expensive, the Leather is sourced from the finest tanneries in the world such as Horween Tanneries.

In all my time buying shoes, I can tell you that the best mass produced shoes are Goodyear Welted and a large part of that is how the leather maintains itself, it looks great even after years.



One of the reasons that people who buy Goodyear Welt shoes keep buying more is because of the way these fit. A goodyear welt creates a custom fit that molds to the shape of your foot, this creates a distinct style of comfort that isn’t available among other shoes.

This is because in the process of Goodyear Welting a shoe, a cork footbed is used in between the insole and outsole and this footbed molds to the shape of your foot over time, this leads to a customized fit, this makes these shoes hard to take off, because if you’ve never felt it before, a customized fit feels much better than any other kind, your foot just kinda sinks in to the shoe.



Goodyear Welt shoes can be resoled up to 3-4 times, this means that if anything goes wrong with the sole of the shoe, you can get it changed, this is great because it allows you to save money, a resole can cost anywhere between 80 and 150 $ depending on who you go to, another big advantage with this is that you get to keep a shoe that has essentially molded to your foot and so breaking in the new soles is quick.

This allows you to keep your favorite pair of shoes for a lot longer and will allow your shoes to develop a character of its own as they age, this also helps if you buy a certain style or brand that is no longer available, this is common with many Florsheim’s of the 70s and 80s where the model has been discontinued but people restore and resole old models which look great.



In the end, only you can make the purchase decision but do keep in mind how you dress and present yourself is the face you put out to the world, and in this life, people will often judge you by your appearance, whether they be employers or perspective partners or service industry professionals, that’s why it’s important to present yourself in the best way, to stay fit, maintain your appearance and to dress well and your shoes are a part of that.

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