Shoe Review – Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue

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Today We are Going to Review a shoe that many readers have been asking for, The Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue Oxford. Now Remember when I said that most of Wall Street wears the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, Well the other half wears the Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue.



This is a clean cut cap toe oxford, made out of calfskin leather, with Allen Edmonds Proprietary 360 degree Bench welt, basically it’s more a goodyear welt than a storm welt. Don’t get confused. Allen Edmonds itself is a great American shoemaker that creates quality products that have lasted through the test of time.

What I like about this shoe is the finishing is excellent. When you see it in person, the details of the finish really shine through and at this price point, this is one of the best finished shoes you can find.

It is priced at 395 $ which is pretty good, but it is often on sale and can be found at 250 $, which is a great deal. It can also be found on Amazon at as low as 200 $

Lets establish the pros and cons of this shoe


  1. Quality Leather Ages well
  2. Quality Finish
  3. Cap Toe is great for formal and casual occasions


  1. Some might not like Cap toe styling.

I personally prefer this shoe to the Park Avenue just due to the way the shoe is finished. It is Allen Edmonds Second most popular shoe based on sales. I would recommend this to anyone in a white collar job, it can be used as a shoe you wear everyday to work and it will last you years even if this is your daily shoe.

So now, you’re probably wondering, Should I buy these ? I Would say Yes, go for it. It’s one of the most popular shoes out there for a reason.

Buy It Here From the Allen Edmonds Official Website


Buy It Here From Amazon

Hope this content has helped you in your buying decision

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