Best Value for Money Shoe Brands in 2019

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Today we are going to talk about Shoe brands that you can buy if you are on a budget. We are going to discuss quality shoes that you can buy if you do not have a lot of money to spend.

We here at Goodyearweltstyles bring you the best shoes that you can buy and we will always guide you to quality footwear.

So lets get started with the Brands that you can buy if you don’t have much to spend


Meermin – The undisputed king of Value for Money Shoe brands. Meermin Makes Goodyear welted shoes. Their Leather Quality is great. I love their suede. They also offer Shell Cordovan Leather shoes for as low as 300 $, which is a steal at that price. Their Shoes Start at 195 $, which is the best value for money deal I can find after months and months of research. Be warned though, some of their shoes can have a brutal break in period, but after that they are as comfortable as can be. I highly recommend.

A Beautiful Pair of Meermin Wingtip Brogues


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Charles Tyrwhitt – English Brand Charles Tyrwhitt(Pronounced Tirrit) is a brand that does not get enough credit on any style forum. But they are a highly reputed brand that makes great products and sells them at remarkably reasonable prices. Most of their shoes are Goodyear welted or Blake Stitched.  Their wholecut oxfords and black patent leather oxfords in particular I find very appealing and if you’re looking for a great deal, this is one of the best you can find. Their Shoes start are almost all priced at 215 $ without discounts. They also have frequent discounts and their shoes go down to 120 $.

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Cole Haan – Cole Haan has been around for ages and all their products are comfortable. Their leather quality is decent such that they won’t fall apart atrociously. They do make some Goodyearwelts that quite frankly are too expensive as compared to the market. They make a Zerogrand Line which is the most comfortable dress shoe you can find. They have a Sale and Clearance section on their website which offers their shoes for as low as 80 $.

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Bexley – French Brand Bexley has great value for money offerings. They make blake stitched shoes and offer them at very reasonable prices. The quality here is good, the leathers used are good and they are quite durable. Bexley is most famous for its 2 for 119 € deal, which makes them a steal for the quality on offer. To put it into perspective, that is the quality of a good dress shoe for the price of a cheap dress shoe. These are definitely worth a buy at this price.

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Taft – A great value for money offering is American brand Taft. Their shoes are known for their second to none comfort.  Their Wool and Weave uppers are particularly famous and are this brand’s USP. Wool Uppers are durable and comfortable and less prone to creasing, definitely something you want in your closet to make it a little less boring . Their shoes use Blake construction and have received rave reviews for their designs and durability. Their shoes start at 175 $, which means you don’t need to break open your piggy bank.

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Jack Erwin – American Brand Jack Erwin makes it’s shoes in Spain and Portugal. These are Blake Stitch shoes that use calf leathers from renowned tanneries across Europe. They are excellent in terms of value for money with dress shoes starting at 195 $. They offer some of the best deals on their driving loafers, which start at 125 $. These are made in portugal and are offered in a variety of leathers including Suede. I would seriously recommend these.

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Ecco – Danish Brand Ecco makes some of the most comfortable shoes known to man. Their shoes have been renowned for their comfort for years. Their walking shoes, while boxy to look at are what a lot of senior citizens use to preserve their feet. They aren’t great for dress shoes but some of their more casual shoes look great. They are mostly cemented construction but somehow seem to last forever. Leather Quality is okay but not great. They also have a sale section where they have shoes starting at 80 $, which is value for money.

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Florsheim – Founded in 1892 by Milton Florsheim. Florsheim has been around forever, they are famous for their Goodyear Welt shoes before they packed up their production and moved it overseas. Nevertheless, Florsheim still makes great shoes and even their imported collection has decent leather. They still offer Goodyear Welted shoes, The Florsheim Imperial Collection is their Goodyear welted line of shoes, many using leathers from the famed Horween Leather Company. Their Clearance Section offers shoes from 60$.

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Johnston & Murphy – Arguably the oldest Shoemaker on this list is Johnston & Murphy. They’ve been around since 1850 and are still going strong. They do offer a made in USA line that starts at 400 $, but it’s best to avoid that. They are one of those websites that constantly are on clearance, their clearance section starts at 60 $, making them good value for money.

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