Worst Shoe Brands in 2019

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Today We are going to talk about a topic that readers are really curious about – what shoe brands should you avoid. We are going to discuss brands that you should avoid buying at all costs, seriously don’t buy these brands unless every other shoe has been wiped off the face of the earth.

So Lets get to it and name the brands you should avoid and why.

Rockport – Their leather quality is garbage, their construction is just awful, their soles fall apart. Rockport is the only brand where I’ve actually had an outsole tear completely, leaving my foot exposed to the elements. Their shoes begin to crease after minimal wear. They crease almost as soon as you put them on. In my case, my Rockport fell apart in 3 months. Rockport used to be a pretty solid brand, but nowadays they are better in your trash can than on your foot.

Steve Madden – These shoes have interesting designs but they still are not worth it. They fall apart too quick. I’ve known multiple people who bought these and had to throw them away in a month or two. I wouldn’t wear these unless I was paid to. Also for the quality, they give you, they are overpriced like hell. Their leathers quality are all over the place. They either crease easily or are so hard that it feels like you’re wearing a vice for your feet.

Kenneth Cole – Kenneth Cole Makes clothes that are okay. But when it comes to shoes, they are just awful. When they make shoes, they essentially follow a fast fashion business plan. I bought one of these for 90$ and in a few months, the heel padding came out, I’m not the only one who has this problem with Kenneth Cole’s . Most people who buy these regret it. To their credit, they make nice designs, but their leathers are horrible and their finishes just fall apart.

Calvin Klein – Some of you might not even know that Calvin Klein makes shoes, but they do, they just aren’t worth buying. They make a lot of shoes with glossy finishes, but be warned, the glossy finish fades almost instantly with exposure to the elements. They also crease horribly and look awful when they do. These are shoes that broke teenagers buy for prom and throw away after. Avoid.

Aldo – These are the fast fashion of shoes, meaning they copy designs from luxury brands and have them produced in China and then sell them at lower costs. Problem is that their quality control is garbage, they use leathers that makes you wonder if it was obtained from a cow that smokes.

Zara – Fast Fashion is known for it’s glitches, they produce mass quantity while compromising quality. When it comes to Zara, their shoes reflect that. They won’t last long and when they fall apart, you will feel like you’re in the Flintstones. Stay away.

H&M – These are probably the worst offenders when it comes to fast fashion. I recommend you clutch your wallet and walk away if you’re thinking about buying these. There’s an old saying “you get what you pay for” and if a shoe costs 20 $, well, need I say more.



8 thoughts on “Worst Shoe Brands in 2019”

    1. Are you referring to Brooks running shoes ? We generally don’t research running shoes on this website, but I’ve had good experiences with Asics running shoes

    1. Well Red Wings are always a great choice. Vans and Converse quality has dropped considerably. I bought a pair of vans in 2000 that lasted me 10 years, through high school, college and beyond despite me wearing them all the time. Nowadays, you don’t get 1 year out of a vans. You’re better off getting shoes that skaters actually use if you like that style and want something durable. Converse is also really bad for quality. I’m going to write a few articles on sneakers, you should read them when they are posted.

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