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Today we are going to focus on a Boot that has increased in popularity over the last year – The Thursday President Boot. To start with, Thursday Boot company is a startup that was funded on Kickstarter. They are a fairly new company. They have received a lot of media attention recently by being featured on Esquire and Gear Patrol and many other popular Men’s fashion websites and magazines.

So let’s get down to assessing the President Boot, well first the design of this boot is certainly attractive. It looks good and will be formal enough to wear at any occasion. They are also known to be comfortable

The issue clearly isn’t the design. The issue is that when you have a startup the costs of starting up and manufacturing batches and all the additional costs involved lead to quality problems and that has been a problem with Thursday Boot Company. They have had problems with poor quality leathers, there are reports that they use plastic welts and they supposedly crease in an unpleasant way.

Having said that though, I’m sure that like most new brands, over time Thursday Boot Company will resolve it’s quality control issues and will provide you with better quality. It’s hard to get things right on your first try anyway and as long as they are working towards resolving these issues, you will get a better quality product soon enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather you buy these as opposed to the shoes you get from a lot of brands that use shoddy construction methods and poor materials and still charge you ridiculous prices.  And at this price, they are good value.


  1. Inexpensively priced for a Goodyear welt shoe.
  2. Stylish and comfortable
  3. Better than most highly commercial cemented shoes


  1. Suspect Leather Quality
  2. Unattractive creasing

Now the question is Should You buy these ? Well, it depends. If you have a flexible budget, I would say no. If you are strapped for cash, I would rather go for a clarks Desert boot even though that’s a different style. I would say don’t buy this boot now, wait till Thursday boot company resolves its issues.

But if you still want to buy it, it is decent value at 199 $ on Amazon an on The official Thursday Boot Company Website.

Click Here to buy it on The Thursday Boot Company Official Website

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