Shoe Anatomy

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Today we are going to discuss the Anatomy of a shoe and the components of a shoe. The shoe in question in the picture below is a toecap oxford with broguing.



This is an example of a Goodyear Welt shoe.

What is a welt ? Well a welt is a piece of leather which attaches the upper and the insole of a shoe to the outsole of a shoe making for a durable and resolable shoe.

The other components of shoes that you should know about are

The Quarter – This is usually a piece of leather. It covers the side and the part of the foot behind the vamp. When you look at a Wholecut shoe, the quarter and the vamp are made from a single piece of leather

The Vamp – The vamp is a part of the upper of the shoe, everything in the shoe between the quarter and the toe.

The Tongue – The tongue is a piece of material that covers the top of your foot and lies under the laces and quarter of the shoe. The tongue cushions the bony top part of your foot and manages the pressure from the laces.

The Heel – The part of shoe that raises the rear of the shoe in relation to the front.

The Tongue – This is the part beneath the laces, the part that actually touches your foot.

The Heel Counter – The part of the shoe that envelopes the back of your foot. This is used in order to stabilize the heel.

The Outsole – This is the the part of the shoe that makes contact with the surface you are walking on. It is located at the bottom of your shoe.

The Insole – A layer of material that sits inside the shoe that creates a layer between the sole and the wearer’s foot

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