Shoe Review – Red Wing Iron Ranger

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Today We are Focusing on The Red Wing Iron Ranger. This is the most Popular Product in the Red Wing Lineup.

This is a favourite of Bradley Cooper. He has been seen wearing it at a few events and movie premieres.

Now one thing I would recommend to men is to find a famous person whose style of dress you can relate to. This is so you know how footwear and clothing items can be worn and how they are being worn by others. You don’t want to be the guy in the Dragon Shirt.

These boots are nice to look at, a conventional boot, also here’s a little known fact, these used to be work boots once upon a time.

The Full grain leather on these is one of Red Wing’s Copper Rough and Tough Leathers which means they will definitely be durable. This boot also doesn’t scuff and with age it develops a nice sheen to it.

These are boots that can be worn with a suit as well as boots you can use as an everyday shoe. SinceĀ  they are Goodyear Welt Boots, they will mold to your feet with time, leading to a personalized fit.

Lets Have a look at the pros and cons of this boot.


  1. Tough Full Grain Leather that will last a lifetime.
  2. One of the most comfortable boots on the market
  3. Can be used as a motorcycle boot.
  4. Lightweight
  5. Low maintenance


  1. Some might not like the cap-toe design.


Should You buy these ? Yes this is a boot you should definitely buy. They are one of the best pairs on the Market.

They retail for 329.99 $ on the official website. But can be found on Amazon for offers as low as 200 $ which is really great considering the quality of these shoes.

Click Here to buy it on the Red Wing Official Website


Click Here to Buy it on Amazon

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